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SKYDD 2018

This year's most important security fair is over and the success was bigger than expected.
This year we presented our solutions and experiences in perimeter protection with a focus on
anti-drone. And with us we had Lucas Le Bell & Charlie Pinedo from our new partner CerbAir who has extraordinary knowledge in Anti-Drone Solutions with their RF-Scanning.
Also in our booth we had Edward Knoch from SpotterRF and Dave Romero from
Black Sage Technologies which both presented their latest products and shared valuable information. We all held several seminars with big crowds during the week.

Nothing beats spending valuable time with good people and that's what we did.
Thank you all for stopping by and we hope you all thought it was worth the time.

Also, the day after SKYDD we held a demonstration of CerbAir's HYDRA-System for a couple of selected participants, and the result was phenomenal and it is a fantastic new partnership in every way.

WILLIWAW @ ÅF Offshore Race

Yesterday Sunday, the start for Gotland Runt, or ÅF Offshore Race, as it is called (for a while). With blue skies, not to cloudy and with moderate north-east winds, the participants passed our pier at Docklands in a nice cross.
Securify is a proud sponsor of Williwaw SWE 66, with Emely Hagen, skipper and Anna Drougge as co skipper. Williwaw participates in the class SRS DH (double handed) a Figaro II. Both Emely and Anna have plenty of experience from several tough saling competitions.

During the night there have been strong winds with 1 broken mast and a trimaran who rolled (all crew is ok) and so far, a total of 38 teams have left the competition. But Williwaw is still very much in the race on and passed Hoburgen at about 10.25 Monday morning. Now turning north, a hard cross is waiting and hopefully Williwaw will have some benefit from her ballast tank.

Link to their Offshore Race Page can you find here WILLIWAW

The video below is from early Monday morning a few hours prior to south of Gotland, Hoburgen.

Security & Counter Terror Expo in London

Securify @ Security & Counter Terror Expo at Olympia in London the 6-7th of March. Securify will resent the UASX, a counter UAV-system developed by Black Sage with radars from SpotterRF. You find us in booth #J31. Welcome!

SKYDD! 2016

Thank you all for spending time in our booth. The days at SKYDD was absolute fantastic. The booth was a cooperation between Securify and Seetec and together we filled it with enthusiasm and passion for security solutions. During Wednesday the 26th Dave Romero from Black Sage Technology, held a ‘counter drone’ seminar, it was packed! Daves presentation is available, send us a request if you are interested in a copy. Again, tank you all for spending time in our booth, some of you outside Sweden, from both Norway, Finland, Denmark and all the way from Albania! We appreciate you effort and hope we made it worth the trip.


Securify receives an order for yet another Swedish airport


With the objective to become compliant with regulatory requirements regarding CSRA has Skellefteå Airport acquired a SpotterRF radar system from Stanley Security, one of our partners.


Electrical utilities

The use of doppler radar technology is associated with large open areas, quite opposite with electrical utilities. But also cluttered environment like these works good with sensors from SpotterRF.


In addition to large open areas, airports have also lot of buildings and extensive fence lines with shifting topology. With the wide variety of sensor models SpotterRF the radar system easily be designed without leaving any blind spots.


Prisons is a perfect match for radar technology. Detecting intrusions at an early stage, beyond the fenceline, is crucial to prevent dangerous situations.



Detecting movements over water and filtering nuisance alarms is a challenge for any sensor but radar technology. With the radar this is not only efficient but also cost-effective.


Securify specializes in high end solutions for wide area intrusion detection and deterrence.
The solution core are based on compact surveillance radar from SpotterRF.

In addition to this, Securify also provides solution for detection, tracking, identification and disabling of drones.
We deliver real time threat detection and neutralization with a dual layer, 
360° Counter-Drone Geofence, solution including 3D-Radar and RF-Scanning

Securify holds valid permissions to provide such
solutions, both fixed installations and mobile systems, to end users that are authorized to use it.

End users are primarily critical infrastructure such as energy distribution, airports, ports and so forth but the concept is scalable enough to also be suitable for private companies and households with demands for high capacity solutions and cost effectiveness. Sales are conducted primarily in Scandinavia, in cooperation with selected partners.



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