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Intrusion protection over water

27/05/2021 14:44:51 In Information Center
This video is a short introduction to intrusion protection system over water. The purpose of the video is to provide an understanding of the various elements involved in an alarm event, to detect, verify, classify, identify, and action.

Intrångsskydd över vatten

26/05/2021 14:56:35 In Information Center
En kort introduktion till system för intrångsskydd över vatten.

Syftet med videon är att ge en förståelse för de olika moment som ingår i en larmhändelse; detektera, verifiera, klassificera, identifiera och agera.

Using PTZ camera as an alarm sensor

09/04/2021 07:54:19 In Information Center
Using a PTZ camera as an alarm sensor together with AI video analytics

PTZ kamera som larmsensor

09/04/2021 07:54:53 In Information Center
Radar, PTZ kamera samt ai video analys för att få tidigt larm men samtidigt reducera antalet falsklarm

Azur Drones authorized in northern Europe

19/02/2021 15:39:05 In Information Center
The first Autonomous drone in Scandinavia

SpotterRF x Axis radar = True

18/02/2021 08:50:42 In Information Center
Can an Axis radar be integrated into SpotterRF's world-leading radar management software?

CerbAir's "HYDRA" Hyperlapse Setup

28/08/2020 13:13:26 In Information Center
Secure your airspace with passive RF. Made to scan the surroundings for drones.

Drone risk and mitigation

23/10/2019 07:49:25 In Information Center
Drones are becoming more and more popular but they can also be a threat. When doing a risk assessment today drones have to be taken into consideration.

Securify Labs - Blue Force Tracker

01/05/2020 07:49:36 In Information Center
We have done development on a blue-force tracker that integrates to the SpotterRF radar server (NIO).

SPOTTERai Auto Classification

18/04/2019 14:39:30 In Information Center
AI object classification from SpotterRF radar software.

Hunting for Holy Grail intrusion detection system

29/05/2020 14:40:13 In Information Center
Object detection at 600m range with multilayer intrusion detection. Radar together with AI video analytics to prevent false alarms.

Head detection at 300m. And that's short-range...

29/05/2020 14:40:21 In Information Center
With advanced AI video analytics from Ultinous, there is no question whether the threats are real or not