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HYDRA Hyperlapse

06/11/2020 14:13:26 In News
Secure your airspace with passive RF. Made to scan the surroundings for drones.

Drone risk and mitigation

23/10/2019 11:39:09 In Article
Drones are becoming more and more popular but they can also be a threat. When doing a risk assessment today drones have to be taken into consideration.

Securify Labs - Blue Force Tracker

02/06/2020 12:18:23 In Article
We have done development on a blue-force tracker that integrates to the SpotterRF radar server (NIO).

SPOTTERai Auto Classification

18/04/2019 14:39:30 In News
AI object classification from SpotterRF radar software.

Drone Incident - Saudia

14/09/2019 14:39:56 In News

Hunting for Holy Grail intrusion detection system

29/05/2020 14:40:13 In News
Object detection at 600m range with multilayer intrusion detection. Radar together with AI video analytics to prevent false alarms.

Head detection at 300m. And that's short-range...

29/05/2020 14:40:21 In News
With advanced AI video analytics from Ultinous, there is no question whether the threats are real or not