Take Down Your  Threats

Tactical and Automatic Disruptors 

Tactical and Automatic Disruptors mainly, for taking control away from, or disrupting UAS operators

Positioner Mounted

Positioner mounted disruptors enable remote and computerized operation and are optionally integrated with larger systems for automatic pointing, and triggering of selective disruptor bands.Mounted on positioners, directional disruptors point automatically toward remote targets using position cues from ex radars

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Text and Image

Tactical Handheld

Handheld tactical disruptors are a lightweight, flexible and rapidly deployable platform for directional radio disruption. It is designed to jam all remote control frequencies used by modern drones and UAS’s. The system also has the capability to disrupt satellite navigation frequencies used by drones and UAS’s in-flight

Electronic Countermeasure System

A Fast, Cost-efficient and Proportional Response to Drone Intrusions

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