Security & Counter Terror Expo in London in March


Visit Securify at Security & Counter Terror Expo at Olympia in London the 6-7th of March. Securify will present the UASX, a counter UAV-system developed by Black Sage with radars from SpotterRF. You find us in booth #J31. Welcome!

2016-10-27 Thank you all for spending time in our booth at SKYDD!
The days at SKYDD was absolute fantastic. The booth was a cooperation between Securify and Seetec and together we filled it with enthusiasm and passion for security solutions. During Wednesday the 26th Dave Romero from Black Sage Technology, held a ‘counter drone’ seminar, it was packed! Daves presentation is available, send us a request if you are interested in a copy. Again, tank you all for spending time in our booth, some of you outside Sweden, from both Norway, Finland, Denmark and all the way from Albania! We appreciate you effort and hope we made it worth the trip.

2016-10-14 Securify receives an order for yet another Swedish airport
With the objective to become compliant with regulatory requirements regarding CSRA has Skellefteå Airport acquired a SpotterRF radar system from Stanley Security, one of our partners.

2016-09-18 Time to schedule a visit at Securify’s booth at SKYDD-16
Welcome to visit Securify at SKYDD. You find us at booth A16:21. Our main focus will be the new evolving threat from drones. Do not miss out on the seminar with Dave Romero CEO of Black Sage Technologies Wednesday the 26th of October at 15.00-15.45.

2016-09-13 IP Security proof their commitment to SpotterRF
To purchase a SpotterRF demo system is not only a strong commitment considering the cost, it is also a solid message to their end users ”expect quality when you purchase our solutions”. IP Security, one of our rapidly growing partners, decided to invest in future business within the field of surveillance radar.

2016-09-05 Securify to host a live demo of counter drone system UAVX
In cooperation with or partner Black Sage Technologies and FOI (one of Europe’s leading research institutes in the areas of defence and security) Securify have invited selected end users within LEA agencies, Swedish Armed Forces, Swedish Probation Services, airports and nuclear industry to attend a live demo the 28th of October at FOI’s facility in Grindsjön south of Stockholm.

2016-08-04 Securify receives order for another Swedish airport
With the objective to become compliant with regulatory requirements regarding CSRA has Växjö Airport conducted a tender regarding a security system. IP Security, one of our partners, won the contract in tough competition.

2016-06-15 Counter-drone conference in Boise
Securify are to attend a 2-day conference in Boise, Idaho. As the host is the Black Sage Technologies, an innovative company with cutting edge technology for counter drone technology.

2016-05-25 Swedish Probation Services
Kriminalvården decided to purchase SpotterRF system to a prison facility. Sales is conducted in cooperation with our partner Stanley Security.

2016-05-19 Delivery to Finland
Equipment delivered to Securify’s partner in Finland with a Finnish authority end users.

2016-05-09 Shipment to Swedish partner

SpotterRF system delivered to Avarn Security with Swedish LEA-agency as end user.

2016-03-10 Anti-drönarsystem – Detect, Deter and Disable
To detect an intrusion attempt is not enough, the natural follow-up question is always ”what next”? When the threat relates drones the question is responded with various ideas such as using a shotgun, EMP or possibly using trained birds of prey.

The image below shows UAVX counter drone system with the ability to both detect, deter and also defeat. UAVX is a solution for those who are serious about counter drone.

However, not all end-users will be able to apply the jammer feature. The reason is that an installation to jammers which requires a special permit from authorities, which will be hard to get for many end users.

But for installations and objects designated as protected areas protected by the Protection Act, such as the nuclear power industry, prisons, and military areas, etc. there is now a solution to the growing problem of drones.



The video above shows UAVX from Black Sage Technologies. Note how the AI-system cues both camera and directional jammer antennas to follow the drone despite its rapid movements.

2016-01-28 Securify hosts CSR seminare with SpotterRF
Thursday, February 11 arranges Securify mini-seminars, a breakfast and a lunch pass. Lecturer, Byron Garvin from SpotterRF. Byron has participated in many projects worldwide. Invitations have been sent out to consultants, system integrators, and end users. If you are interested to participate, please register your interest today by clicking here click here.

2016-01-26 Certification training program is fully subscribed!
Interest to participate in the Stockholm certification training was surprisingly strong. For that we are grateful. After 20 entered participants, the course is now fully subscribed.

2016-01-10 SpotterRF certification training in Stockholm!
The 8-10th February, Securify together with SpotterRF hosts the first certification training in Europe. The program is aimed primarily at system integrators and security installers operating in Scandinavia and Europe. The training is in English and led by experts from SpotterRF. Invitations have been sent out to partners.

2015-12-04 FMV on the behalf of Swedish Armed Forces purchase SpotterRF
Earlier in 2015 Exensor Technology won a public tender with the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV). Besides UGS-sensors, the tender also included radar sensors. In December, Securify finally received the order for deliver the first batch of sensors during first quarter 2016.

2015-11-15 Overwhelming interest for Securify at Sectech Stockholm 2015
Many thanks to all who visited our stand during the days of Sectech. 

Sectech 2015

There were many interesting talks about surveillance radar can be used to improve perimeter security. Our theme ‘Surveillance without boundaries’ was supposed to highlight the benefits of radar regardless if the need is for ground targets, over water or airspace.

Moreover ‘borderless’ supposed to encourage end users, consultants and installers to include areas beyond fence line for the early detection and action.

We can note a great interest in how radar can be used to detect the UAV and during the fair we received positive response from the end user regarding pilot projects UAVX from Black Sage Technologies.

Parallell with the security fair Securify took the initiative to a field test, project ‘Rapid Deployment’.

The purpose of the field test is to jointly develop methods for rapid, efficient and flexible monitoring of larger areas. In this case, we use a local airport so the test is maximally realistic in all respects! Our goal was to 60 minutes to deploy a system for monitoring both fuel depot and the runway, a surveillance are of +500.000kvm! The system is connected to monitoring center via an encrypted wireless connection. The field test will run until the end of November. Meanwhile, potential clients are invited to visit the facility for a demonstration.

Once again, thank you all for many good talks, stay tuned!

2015-11-05 Leading C-UAS system available from Securify
Securify announces its cooperation with Black Sage Technologies (BST). With technology from BST Securify are able to provide a solution to counter drone.

Cooperation with BST is a logical next step of Securifys cooperation with SpotterRF. It has been a long term objective for us to add ‘automatic object classification’ to our surveillance radar solutions offering.

Through the rapid technological development, and UAS-commercialization emerges a new and intractable threat. This past year, a number of serious incidents with UAVs in the center. An increasingly number of end users now also include airspace in their risk assessment.

The concept BST-SFY-UAVX is designed for customers looking for an effective solution regarding detect, track and defeat C-UAS. The concept consists of a highly advanced AI-system for automatically object classification as well as video tracking, integrated to radar sensors, PTZ-camera, jammers PT-head.

See drones being tracked in total darkness: video

Read more concept from Black Sage Technologies in its White Paper, which also includes a realistic simulation of a terrorist attack aimed at a football stadium.


2015-10-06 Radar to replace infrared cameras and fence alarms
At Sectech the 11-12th of November Securify will launch a new, unique surveillance radar model developed by SpotterRF. The model, named CK2 is yet another compact sized radar sensor from SpotterRF. CK2 differ from the existing range of sensors and is unique with its narrow FOV which is only 30 degrees (44m widht). CK2 detects people up to 125m and has been designed especially to detect perpendicular movements. CK2 is a substitute for thermal cameras and VCA and traditional fence sensors. The target group are customers with high demands on uptime and reliability. ”Through the development of CK2 Securify can now provide high-performance solutions regarding intrusion detection and perimeter protection even for relatively limited areas, in situations where the radar previously been considered less suitable”. Some categories of end users know from personal experience that thermal imaging have some limitations, especially in situations with rain, snow and thick fog, while the fence alarms associated with some problematic false alarms. With CK2 detection regardless weather conditions is assured. CK2 will be available for delivery in Q1 2016. SpotterRF Fence Line Radar – CK2

2015-09-18 SecurityWorldHotel article SpotterRF
Read the article at SecurityWorldHotel, link.

2015-09-08 One of Scandinavia’s largest electrical utility company invests in SpotterRF
The company follows the success in US with using compact surveillance radar to protect substations from intrusion attempts, theft and sabotage. SpotterRF had great success the past 4 years in the United States. Securify have received and order from Nokas Security regarding SpotterRF radar systems to a large substation in Sweden.

2015-08-24 Swedish Armed Forces extends its existing SpotterRF-system
After over one year of operation, has now Swedish defense ordered the expansion of its existing SpotterRF system. The order comes from Stanley Security a partner to Securify. Customers who choose to extend their existing systems are particularly pleasing as they are a testament to customer satisfaction.

2015-07-28 New features released in NetworkedIO
SpotterRF has provide 4 releases per year. Now in August ver 1.8 is released. Securify participated in BETA-testing. And we can confirm that ver 1.8 includes several new and exciting features. One of the more interesting features is perhaps Track Replay which allows the user to easily review stored tracks. Another interesting feature is the ability for operators to classify objects, such as blue force or hostile and also type of object. For more information about the 1.8 we advise our partners to read the release notes.

2015-07-15 Native Axis PTZ-driver – Axis Vapix to replace Onvif
SpotterRF now releases the new native driver Axis PTZ-cameras. The reason SpotterRF now implements support for PTZ control through Axis’ own API (VAPIX) is mainly because it provides significant higher performance compared to ONVIF Profile S. In the long term we expect SpotterRF to focus on developing native support also for other manufacturers. In the current firmware SpotterRF provides drivers more than ten different manufacturers (Axis, Avigilon, Samsung, Bosch, Sony, Pelco, FLIR, Canon, Moog, Vumii and Ganz).

2015-06-11 Securify to sponsor Rapid Open 2015
Securify would like to thank the organizer, Rapid Bevakning and all 66 participants a for a truly great day at Kungsängen Golf Course. During the morning had Securify and 17 other sponsors worked with preparations to receive the players in the best way, with liquids, snacks and a variety of contests and prizes.

Håkan Sundmark Multi Sign won with amazing 40 points. The overall winner of the Open Rapid determined, however, in a final game which takes place on 25 August and is played in conjunction with Protection Detector Open at Vidbynäs the 25/8. There goes the top four from Rapid Open:
Håkan Sundmark Multi Sign
Mikael Sunebäck, Electric Teleteknik
Stig Wallin – Wallin Surveillance (also winner of the award at Securify’s contest a Chateau Palmer 2006)
Mikael Nyberg – Exista

Photos (unfortunately we missed some participants, we regret this, but we have many beautiful swings and you find several fighting faces are captured forever)

See you next year on Rapid Open 2016!

2015-05-7 Certification training at SpotterRF i Orem UT
Time for a couple of days in the classroom. Securify participate in the 2-day certification in Orem, Utah. It was two productive days with a lot of laboratory work and fruitful discussions. During the day training we carried several knowledge tests that led us to the final exam outdoors. It was some valuable days learning about the technology, meeting other partners to SpotterRF and not to be forgotten, experience the beautiful nature surrounding SLC and Orem.

2015-04-13 Swedish Armed Forces orders SpotterRF
Securify delivers yet another system from SpotterRF. The project is a cooperation withStanley Security one of our partners in Sweden.

2015-03-11 Securify receive order from Finland
Most other companies spend time and money on building the so-called demo room. It is certainly pleasant to have products displayed in a flashy demo room, but it is also a controlled and sterile environment that rarely gives customers an accurate picture of how the technology works in practice. Securify use throughout Sweden as its ‘demo room’. We install and commission the system together with customers, often in their own environment. It gives customers a good idea about how the system works and what performance they should expect. So shortly after Klinger Aseko visit to Stockholm for a live demo, Securify relieved a first order order.

2015-02-25 Utökning av demosystemet
Det tidigare anskaffade demosystemet har nu kompletterats med ytterligare en sensormodell, C20 (detektering av människor på 130m). Därmed kan förevisning av såväl mycket omfattande bevakningsområden som mindre ytor genomföras på kort varsel. Driftsättning av systemet sker på knappt 30 min!

2015-01-30 Securify på Sectech 2015

Nu är det beslutat och beställt. Securify medverkar på Sectech den 11-12 november i Älvsjö. Tack vare att radarsystemet är så kompakt så klarar vi oss med en micromonter om endast 3x2m ; )
Sök upp monter nr 04:90 för en förevisning av SpotterRF markradar.

2015-12-18 Demosystemet har anlänt
Tidigare under hösten beslutades att anskaffa ett mobilt demosystem från SpotterRF, SS-Mobile. Nu har systemet anlänt och kompletterats med Axis senast modell av Q6035-E (Mk II). Demosystemet består av centralutrustning (NetworkedIO) samt en kraftfull sensormodell (C550) för detektering av människor på 850m.

2014-12-09 Securify i Skydd & Säkerhet
I utgåva nr 8 sid 42 återfinns en artikel med rubriken ”Gränslös områdesbevakning”.

2014-11-25 Securify stöttar samarbetspartner med migrering från Mirasys till Symphony
Beställning av ett större videoövervakningssystem med kvalificerade krav som full redundans och fail-over funktionalitet. Leverans sker i samarbete med en Skandinavisk säkerhetsintegratör.

2014-11-03 Ännu en beställning av markradarsystem
Beställning av markradarsystem från en marknadsledande, global säkerhetsleverantör, för installation i kustnära miljö.

2014-09-26 Uppgradering och utökning av äldre Symphony-system
Beställning avseende mindre videoövervakningsystem inkl. support och underhållsavtal. Slutanvändare är ett större fastighetsbolag med säte i Stockholm.

2014-09-23 Ytterligare beställning avseende markradar
Beställning av nyckelfärdigt markradar- och videoövervakningssystem för installation i sjönära miljö.

2014-08-24 Branschmedia uppmärksammar radarkonceptet 
Skydd & Säkerhet meddelar att markradarsystemet från SpotterRF nominerats till Årets Säkerhetslösning 2014.

2014-07-12 Utökning 
Beställning avseende utökning av tidigare levererat radarsystem.

2014-05-12 Första ordern på markradarsystem
Securify mottar sin första beställning avseende markradarsystem från en Europeisk systemintegratör med säte i Sverige. Slutdestination är inom Norden med placering i kustnära område, med mycket kvalificerade kravställningar.

2014-03-12 Första beställningen i bolagets historia
Beställning av ett större videoövervakningssystem med leverans till en samarbetspartner i Norrland.

2014-02-19 Securify bildas
Med affärsidé om att erbjuda högeffektiva lösningar avseende områdesbevakning togs första stegen för att bilda Securify. Målgruppen är i primärt slutanvändare med samhällskritisk infrastruktur, primärt på den Skandinaviska marknaden. Försäljningsstrategin är direktbearbetning av utvalda målgrupper men med försäljning och leverans genom partners.

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